J.O. Morgan

b. 1978

Inventive, striking and memorable…Morgan is one of the most original poets around. – Andrew Motion, Guardian Books of the Year

About J.O. Morgan

J.O. Morgan lives on a small farm in the Scottish Borders. He is the author of six collections of poetry, each a single book-length poem. His first, Natural Mechanical (CB Editions, 2009), won the Aldeburgh First Collection Prize and was shortlisted for the Forward First Collection Prize; its sequel, Long Cuts (CB Editions, 2011), was shortlisted for a Scottish Book Award. In 2015, Morgan published In Casting Off (HappenStance Press), a poem-novella that explores local traditions within a remote fishing community. A year later, Interference Pattern (Cape Poetry) was shortlisted for the T. S. Eliot Prize. Assurances (Cape, 2018) is a new work exploring the RAF's involvement with maintaining the Nuclear Deterrent in the early years of the Cold War.

Morgan’s third book is At Maldon (2014). The poem takes its bearings from remnants of the Old English epic ‘The Battle of Maldon’, re-imagining the short, brutal battle that took place on the Essex coast in the year 991, when a rabble army of Anglo-Saxons gathered to defend against Viking raiders. The work adheres to a basic narrative structure, while allowing the account of those who fell and those who ran to find convincing and unforced reverberations in the contemporary world. This sensitivity to the deep echo chambers of the English language, a rare alertness to the presence of history in ordinary speech, has earned Morgan’s work comparisons with Logue’s Homer, and widespread acclaim. His reading of the poem, introduced and excerpted here, is immediately compelling and utterly engrossing.

At Maldon, J. O. Morgan’s version of the Old English poem ‘The Battle of Maldon’, has all the clash and clang of War Music, and the same odd modernism to bring you up short” – TLS ‘Books of the Year’

 J.O. Morgan's full recital of 'At Maldon' is only available on a special limited edition CD from CB Editions.

This recording was made for The Poetry Archive on 27 May 2014 at soundhouse and was produced by Anne Rosenfeld.

Assurances, J.O. Morgan: 2018

Interference Pattern, J.O. Morgan: 2016

In Casting Off, 2015: J.O Morgan

At Maldon CD, CB Editions

At Maldon, CB editions, 2013


Long Cuts, CB editions, 2011


Natural Mechanical, CB editions, 2009



2009 Aldeburgh First Collection Prize for Natural Mechanical (CB editions)


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