Yekek bereda teperri

Yekek bereda teparri
chawekani prr boon le noor
cholekekan le jriweyan grtboo.

Yekek bereda teperri

niewey rengekan legelli bere kewtin

niwey xewnekan xzana girfaniewe.

Yekek bereda teperriu

dengi emey legel xoy bird

jantakey prr krd le chawman

Yekek bereda teperriu

chi daxek boo, namnzani

perwana morakani merg

leser seri dexwlanewe.

‘Yekek bereda teperri’ from Light of the Shadows (Raboon, 1998), © Choman Hardi 1998, used by permission of the author

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