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'A Receipt to Cure the Vapours': An elegantly sardonic piece, and a recipe for worldly wisdom.

A Receipt to Cure the Vapours

Why will Delia thus retire,
   And idly languish life away?
While the sighing crowd admire,
   ’Tis too soon for hartshorn tea:

All those dismal looks and fretting
   Cannot Damon’s life restore;
Long ago the worms have eat him,
   You can never see him more.

Once again consult your toilette,
   In the glass your face review:
So much weeping soon will spoil it,
   And no spring your charms renew.
I, like you, was born a woman,
   Well I know what vapors mean:
The disease, alas! is common;
   Single, we have all the spleen.

All the morals that they tell us,
   Never cured the sorrow yet:
Chuse, among the pretty fellows,
   One of honor, youth, and wit.

Prithee hear him every morning
   At least an hour or two;
Once again at night returning—
   I believe the dose will do.

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Lady Mary Wortley Montagu

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