Pass Me de Banana Wine

Pass Me De Banana Wine

Dem politiians on de take,
An' what dey take be mine,
De pack o' dem be sham an' fake,
Dey vex me wid de belly-ache
- Pass me de banana wine.

Me loss' de crop, no rum, no bread,
De fruit die on de vine,
De 'elicopter spray dem dead
To keep us we from bein' fed
- Pass me de banana wine.

De wife she gone, she run away,
Me read de note she sign.
She say me make too lickle pay,
Play too much domino all day
- Pass me de banana wine.

Dey say dey lock me in de jail
Where sun don' never shine,
Me got nobody go me bail,
De food be bad, de water stale
- Pass me de banana wine.

Me ax de warden for a drink,
Dey give me turpentine,
Nobody love me now, I t'ink,
I standin' on the very brink
- Pass me de banana wine.

from Island of Dreams (Noctua Press, 2007), copyright © Felix Dennis 2007, used by permission of the author and the publisher.

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