Library Ology

Library Ology

I have a date with Su Ling Lee
We're meeting by the library
At 5 o'clock by history
I'll show her some mythology
And if we have the energy
We'll check out some theology
And if there is good chemistry
We'll dance by musicology

We'll sail through oceanology
And get some cool lithology
And roundabout psychology
I'll sweet talk her topology
With science and technology
We'll have some sociology
And touch each others botany
With organic homoeopathy

She knows so much cosmology
I do luv her ecology
And reading her astrology
I note she has anatomy,
I'll use my best phraseology
To get her to phonology
So we can lexicology
Together in the library.

© Benjamin Zephaniah, used by permission of the author c/o United Agents.

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