Poem introduction

The reason that i find this poem really terrifying is that for me it's about when your mind comes apart and, erm, all you have is the seperate cars, and the things inside those cars, can't keep you alive, if your mind comes apart.

A Hundred Bolts of Satin

All you
have to lose
is one
and the mind
all the way back.
It seems
to have been
a train.
There seems
to have been
a track.
The things
that you
from the
abandoned cars
cannot sustain
life: a crate of
tractor axles,
for example,
a dozen dozen
clasp knives,
a hundred
bolts of satin -
perhaps you
more than
you imagined.

'A Hundred Bolts of Satin' from Say Uncle: Poems (Grove Press, 2000), © Kay Ryan 2000, used by permission of the author and Grove/Atlantic, Inc.

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