Heads or Tails?

Dave Dirt's dog is a horrible hound,
A hideous sight to see.
When Dave first brought it home from the pound,
We couldn't be certain which way round
The thing was supposed to be!

Somebody said, 'If that's its head,
It's far the ugliest dog in town.'
Somebody said, 'The darned thing's dead!'
'Don't be silly, it's upside-down!'
'It's inside-out!' 'It's a sort of plant!'
It's wearing clothes!' It's Dave Dirt's aunt!'
'It's a sort of dressing gown!'

Each expert had his own idea
Of what it was meant to be
But everybody was far from clear
And yet…we did agree
That Dave Dirt's dog was a horrible hound
And a hideous sight to see!

It loves Dave Dirt. It follows him round
Through rain and sun and snow.
When set in motion it looks far worse,
And nobody knows if it's in reverse…
Or the way it's supposed to go!

'Heads or Tails?' from The Magic Box (Macmillan Children’s Books. 2009), © Kit Wright 2009, used by permission of the author.

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