Go Giants

Go Giants

Go go gadget legs. Go right. Go left.
Go wrong. Go west. Go down to the sea
in ships. Go down to the river and pray.
Go fish. Go first. Go forth and multiply.
Go in now and say goodbye. Go blind.
Go deaf. Go short. Go long. Go to press.

Go to pot. Go fuck yourself. Go straight.
Go Braves. Go jump in a lake. Go hard.
Go hide. Go down with a case of.
Go ape. Go without. Go Patriots.
Go halves. Go slow. Go under the knife.
Go under the sign of the war-shaft.

Go one better. Go great guns.
Go south. Go out in the mid-day sun.
Go red. Go blond. Go Vandals.
Go tell it on the mountain. Go and sin
no more. Go compare. Go nuclear.
Go back to e7 from e8. Go paperless.

Go Cowboys. Go Redskins. Go naked.
Go to ground. Go ahead. Go abroad.
Go to grass. Go slack. Go all ironic.
Go down in a blaze of. Go Titans.
Go for the sake of. Go Saints.
Go fly a kite. Go against. Go gaga.

Go in peace to love and serve the.
Go and get help. Go directly to jail.
Go down in flames. Go up in smoke.
Go for broke. Go tell Aunt Rhody.
Go tell the Spartans. Go to hell.
Go into detail. Go for the throat.

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