Gertrude's Song

for Remi Graves 




step through the stave 

straight black lines 

will become soft 

like cobwebs, like spider webs 

and stick 


in your hair, to your face 

but you will swipe them away. 


what lives on the other side 

of this notated fear and joy 


are two sides of the same mirror – 

which are you looking into 


on the rim of snare 

in the shine of cymbal?




love is not unlike music 


a crotchet will chip at your walls 

a semibreve will loosen your shadows 

a breve will teach breath 

              will teach breath 


both ask of you, surrender 

to the unknown selves within, waiting

Unpublished poem, © Toni Stuart 2017, used by permission of the author.

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