avocado pear

he begins at the head, 

with a straight-edged knife 

carves a true line 

through the centre, around 

the pip and gently 

returns back up along the other side 


he moves slowly, 

to ensure his knife 

brings the end of his cut 

to meet its beginning 


carefully, he pries it open. 

in his left palm 

he cups the half without the pip 

and fills it with sugar: 

white and quiet 

against the placid green 


he moves 

to his favourite chair 

and sits 

spoons one part sugar to two parts fruit 

into his mouth 

and succumbs to the perfect marriage 

of gritty sweetness 

and smooth nothingness 


this is the quiet way my father loves

Unpublished poem, © Toni Stuart 2017, used by permission of the author.

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