another soul's art

she sips silent music 

another's soul alive in 

nocturnal notes 


a hand runs aimlessly along keys 

grasps for a little more: 

a new pang of pain, an answer 

more tears 

to wash old ones away 


she sips silent 

music walks 



on her neck 


each strand 

till her spine awakens 

a learning licks her 

skin stretched thin 

a yearning yields 

from plucked strings sighing 

under savant's fingers making them 

ache for love 


she sips silent music 

without talking words 

she hears her soul's silence stride 


the blue oblivion and black light 


a hand hankers rattles 

pushes pain up 

jostles joy up 

worlds worm ripple through her flesh 

raised in goosebumps 

sometimes we close mouths 

sometimes we speak 

now her tongue thick long 

swollen with words 


from between teeth 


she sips silent music 

a cobalt quaver cascades 

from acoustic strings 


leathered hands lift her from 

ebony ivory keys 

a smiling solemn sound 

found shining life 

an other's soul alive in 

nocturnal notes 


she sips silent music 

silent music 


she sips silent music

Unpublished poem, © Toni Stuart 2017, used by permission of the author.

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