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Pam Ayres

b. 1947

Pam Ayres is celebrated in the UK (and far beyond) as a favourite radio, TV and stage entertainer; it is impossible to read her comic poems without hearing her voice in your head.

Pascale Petit

b. 1953

Pascale Petit was born in Paris, grew up in Wales and France, and now lives in London, where she tutors poetry in the galleries of Tate Modern and at the Poetry School, which she co-founded.

Patience Agbabi

b. 1965

Patience Agbabi is a poet much celebrated for paying equal homage to literature and performance.

Patricia Beer

b. 1924 d. 1999

Patricia Beer (1924-1999) was born in Exmouth, Devon, into a Plymouth Brethren family, a childhood she recalls vividly in her autobiography Mrs Beer's House.

Patrick Brandon

b. 1965

Patrick Brandon (b.1965) is a regularly exhibiting visual artist whose poems display a painter’s eye for telling detail and a skilled command of striking imagery.

Patrick Kavanagh

b. 1905 d. 1967

Patrick Kavanagh (1904-67) is one of Ireland's best-loved poets: when the Irish Times compiled a list of favourite Irish poems in 2000, ten of Kavanagh's were in the top fifty, with only Yeats's name appearing more frequently.

Paul Batchelor

b. 1977

Paul Batchelor (b. 1977) has received several awards for his poetry including an Eric Gregory Award from the Society of Authors, a Poetry Business Prize, and the Andrew Waterhouse Award.

Paul Farley

b. 1965

Paul Farley (b.1965) began winning awards with Poetry Review's Geoffrey Dearmer Prize, took the Forward Prize for Best First Collection with The Boy from the Chemist is Here to See You, and won the Whitbread Poetry Prize for his second,

Paul Laurence Dunbar

b. 1872 d. 1906

Dunbar was one of the first African-American poets to be widely known and admired in America. His parents were freed slaves and Dunbar used some of their tales of plantation life in his work.

Paul Muldoon

b. 1951

Paul Muldoon is one of Ireland's most outstanding contemporary poets, and one of the most admired English-language poets anywhere in the world.

Pauline Stainer

b. 1941

Pauline Stainer is an English poet, born in Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent. After attending St Anne's College, Oxford, she moved to Essex, where she raised four children.

Penelope Shuttle

b. 1947

Penelope Shuttle (b. 1947) has made her home in Cornwall since 1970 and the county's mercurial weather and rich history are continuing sources of inspiration.

Percy Bysshe Shelley

b. 1792 d. 1822

Shelley was born at Field Place, near Horsham, the eldest son of Sir Timothy Shelley, MP for the Duke of Norfolk's pocket borough of Shoreham-by-sea.

Peter Boyle

b. 1951

Peter Boyle (b. 1951) grew up in Melbourne and Sydney, graduating from Sydney University specialising in Philosophy and Literature.

Peter Dale

b. 1938

Peter Dale (b. 1938) studied English at Oxford University where he became friends with the poets Ian Hamilton and Kevin Crossley-Holland, and William Cookson with whom Dale went on to edit the influential poetry quarterly Agenda.

Peter Didsbury

b. 1946

Peter Didsbury has described himself as ‘someone who’s constitutionally fascinated by myth and the weight of the past’ and indeed his poems seem to conjure a particular, possibly bygone England peopled with men working the land, butchers, fisherme

Peter Goldsworthy

b. 1951

Peter Goldsworthy (b. 1951) has been described as "one of the most skilled and satisfying poets in Australia," (A Reader's Guide to Contemporary Australian Poetry). Born in Minlaton, S.

Peter Porter

b. 1929 d. 2010

Peter Porter's (1929-2010) urbane poetry was first published in 1961, since when he published sixteen collections and much journalism, collaborated with visual arts, and was Writer-in-Residence at several universities, including Hull, Reading, Not

Peter Scupham

b. 1933

Peter Scupham (b. 1933) is a poet of formal distinction with a particular fascination for history and its bearing on his native country.

Phil Bowen

b. 1949

Growing up in the Mersey scene of the 1960s and '70s, surrounded by Mersey Beat poetry and the Beatles, Phil Bowen has developed a lively career as a poet, playwright, and performer. With well over a thousand school visits to his name, in thirty countries and to all age groups, he is well known as a poetry educator, developing resources for the Poetry Society's Poetryclass, training teachers, adults and children alike.

Philip Gross

b. 1952

Philip Gross was born in Delabole, north Cornwall, as the only child of a wartime Displaced Person from Estonia and the village schoolmaster's daughter. He grew up in Plymouth, studied English at Sussex University, and began writing in the 1980s.

Philip Gross Children's Poems

b. 1952

Philip Gross was born in 1952 in Delabole, North Cornwall, the only child of a wartime refugee from Estonia and the village schoolmaster's daughter. He began writing stories in junior school.

Philip Larkin

b. 1922 d. 1985

Philip Larkin (1922-1985) is a poet whose very name conjures up a specific persona: the gloomy, death-obsessed and darkly humorous observer of human foibles and failings.

Philip Levine

b. 1934

The son of Russian-Jewish immigrants, Philip Levine grew up in industrial Detroit during the Great Depression of the 1930s.

Philip Sidney

b. 1554 d. 1586

A poet, soldier and courtier, Philip Sidney was one of the most celebrated figures of the Elizabethan age.