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Maurice Riordan

b. 1953

Maurice Riordan (born 1953) grew up in Lisgoold, County Cork. He was educated at University College Cork and at McMaster University in Canada. He lives in South London.

Maxine Kumin

b. 1925

Maxine Kumin (b.1925) came to prominence as one of a generation of women poets who extended the boundaries of poetry, addressing areas of female experience which had not previously been written about.

Melissa Lee-Houghton

b. 1982

Fearless, naked and knowing, Melissa Lee-Houghton’s poems square up to the wildest reaches of our emotional lives. Hers is a poetry of excess, of the beautiful mess and complex depths of life as it is variously lived.

Mervyn Morris

b. 1937

Mervyn Morris (b, 1937) remains one of the most resourceful and technically brilliant of Caribbean poets.

Michael Donaghy

b. 1954 d. 2004

The death of Michael Donaghy (1954-2004) robbed the poetry world of one of its most talented and charismatic practitioners.

Michael Hamburger

b. 1924 d. 2007

Michael Hamburger (1924 - 2007) was born into a German family of Jewish descent in Berlin, emigrating with them to England in 1933.

Michael Jackson

b. 1940

‘Reality is where things happen’. So Michael Jackson writes in one of his poems, quoting William James. Reality, for Jackson, means to keep up a courteous but insistent conversation, a quest for answers even when they may seem unlikely to arrive.

Michael Laskey

b. 1944

Michael Laskey (b.

Michael Longley

b. 1939

Michael Longley (b.1939, Belfast) is a central figure in contemporary Irish poetry.

Michael Rosen

b. 1946

Michael Rosen (b. 1946) says he became a children's poet by accident - "I thought I was being an ironic adult poet but children's literature 'claimed' me".

Michael Schmidt

b. 1947

Michael Schmidt (b.1947, Mexico City) is a central figure in contemporary poetry.

Michael Sharkey

b. 1946

Michael Sharkey (b. 1946) grew up in country and suburban New South Wales, the eldest of six children. His parents farmed, then moved to the suburbs. His mother was a painter and his father a science and humanities teacher.

Michael Symmons Roberts

b. 1963

Michael Symmons Roberts (b. 1963) is the author of four collections of poetry, and won the Whitbread Prize for Poetry for his most recent book, Corpus.

Mick Imlah

b. 1956 d. 2009

Mick Imlah (1956 - 2009) was one of the most brilliant poets of his generation.

Mimi Khalvati

b. 1944

Mimi Khalvati (b. 1944, Tehran) spent much of her childhood at boarding school on the Isle of Wight, only returning to Iran at seventeen.

Moniza Alvi

b. 1954

Moniza Alvi was born in Lahore, Pakistan, came to England when she was a few months old, and grew up in Hatfield. The experience she describes in her recording of 'growing up... and feeling half-Pakistani...

Neil Rollinson

b. 1960

Neil Rollinson’s poetry has been noted for its eroticism, and certainly the earlier collections are dominated by sensual encounters of various kinds.

Nick Laird

b. 1975

Combining edgy vernacular and blunt reportage with a delicate lyricism, Nick Laird’s poems delight, surprise and unnerve.

Nigel McLoughlin

b. 1968

Born in Enniskillen in 1968, Nigel McLoughlin has published five collections of poetry. His fourth collection, Dissonances, earned great critical acclaim for its complex view of the Irish landscape and its thematic weaving of family, memory, politics and history. He is Professor of Creativity & Poetics at the University of Gloucestershire.

Norman Nicholson

b. 1914 d. 1987

Norman Nicholson (1914-1987) and his poetry are inextricably bound up with the former iron-mining town of Millom, on the edge of the Lake District in Cumbria.

Ogden Nash

b. 1902 d. 1971

Ogden Nash ( 1902-1971) was a master, perhaps the 20th Century master, of light verse whose continuing popularity shows that the term 'light' is not incompatible with long-lasting.

Oli Hazzard

b. 1986

Oli Hazzard's first book, Between Two Windows, was published by Carcanet in 2012.

Olive Senior

b. 1941

Olive Senior is a singularly original writer with a genius for re-inhabiting and recreating the wonder and cruel theatre of childhood, while also exploring adult pretensions and realities in relation to history, locality and the multifarious and r

Oscar Wilde

b. 1854 d. 1900

Wilde’s imprisonment for homosexuality in 1895 ended a spectacularly successful career. Although he lived for a few more years in exile in France after his release and produced some moving poetry, his life was effectively over.

Owen Sheers

b. 1974

Owen Sheers (b. 1974, Fiji) was chosen as one of the Next Generation Poets and as one of the Independent's top 30 young British writers on the strength of his first book of poetry, The Blue Book.