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Amy Levy

b. 1861 d. 1889

Amy Levy was one of seven children born to a wealthy Anglo‑Jewish family. She was in many ways a pioneering woman, becoming the first Jewish woman ever to study at Newnham College, Cambridge, in 1879.

Amy Lowell

b. 1874 d. 1925

Amy Lowell was born into an affluent Massachusetts family and educated at home and in private schools in Boston. Her financial resources helped her develop a liberated and unconventional lifestyle.

Andrew Fusek Peters and Polly Peters

b. 1965

Andrew Fusek Peters (b. 1965) and Polly Peters (b. 1965) have written and edited more than 45 books, in many genres including poetry, plays, fiction and graphic novels.

Andrew Fusek Peters Children's Poems

b. 1965

Andrew Fusek Peters (b. 1965), the tallest poet in the UK, has written more than 45 books for children, two of them nominated for the Carnegie Medal.

Andrew Greig

b. 1951

Andrew Greig's second collection Men on Ice in 1977 changed his life.

Andrew Johnston

b. 1963

Andrew Johnston is the son of an English Professor, has had a successful career as a professional journalist including working as an editor for the International Herald Tribune for many years, and now lives in France where he runs a private consul

Andrew Marvell

b. 1621 d. 1678

Andrew Marvell was born near Kingston Upon Hull in 1621, the son of a priest.

Andrew Motion

b. 1952

Andrew Motion (b.1952) read English at Oxford University where he won the Newdigate Prize and studied the work of Edward Thomas, an abiding influence.

Anna Crowe

b. 1945

Anna Crowe is a poet and translator based in St Andrews, Fife. Born in Plymouth, which in interview she says is “as far from Scotland as one can get in the UK,” Crowe moved to St Andrews to study and settled in 1986.

Anna Jackson

b. 1967

Anna Jackson is a New Zealand poet and academic, partner of artist Simon Edmonds and mother of children, Johnny and Elvira. Her poetry was first published in book form in AUP New Poets 1 (AUP, 1999).

Anna Laetitia Barbauld

b. 1743 d. 1825

Anna Barbauld (nee Aikin) was born in 1743, daughter of a nonconformist minister and schoolmaster, who taught her to read English before she was three and to master French, Italian, Latin and Greek while still a child.

Anne Bradstreet

b. 1612 d. 1672

Anne Bradstreet was born in 1612 in England. In 1630 she emigrated to Massachusetts, with her father Thomas Dudley and her husband Simon Bradstreet.

Anne Finch

b. 1661 d. 1720

Anne Finch was an aristocrat acquainted with the most famous poet of the age, Alexander Pope.

Anne Ridler

b. 1912 d. 2001

Anne Ridler (1912-2001) moved in literature throughout her life; she was the daughter of writers, with more in the extended family, and joined Faber and Faber's poetry department while in her early twenties.

Anne Sexton

b. 1928 d. 1974

Anne Sexton (1928-1974) is often grouped with such poets as Sylvia Plath, John Berryman and Robert Lowell as a leading figure in the so-called 'Confessional Movement'.

Anne Stevenson

b. 1933

Anne Stevenson, inaugural winner of the Northern Rock Writers Award in 2002, was born in England of American parents in 1933 and educated in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where her father was professor of philosophy at the University of Michigan.

Annie Freud

b. 1948

Annie Freud was born in London in 1948. She is the daughter of painter Lucian Freud, maternal grand-daughter of sculptor Sir Jacob Epstein, and the great grand daughter of Sigmund Freud.



Anonymous is a well-known and prolific poet. Many of the traditional folk ballads we know today may have begun as songs sung by wandering minstrels,for which authorship was unimportant.

Anthony Howell

b. 1945

Anthony Howell is a poet, novelist and performance artist, whose first collection of poems, Inside the Castle, was published in 1969. He has since published 17 volumes of poetry (among them translations and a Selected Poems).

Anthony Joseph

b. 1966

Anthony Joseph is a Trinidad-born poet, novelist, musician and lecturer.

Anthony Lawrence

b. 1957

Anthony Lawrence was born in 1957 in Tamworth. He left school early, taking up work as a Jackeroo, going on to work as a landscape gardener, fisherman and truck driver.

Anthony Thwaite

b. 1930

Anthony Thwaite (b.

Antony Rowland

b. 1970

Antony Rowland (b.1970) is Professor of Literary Studies in English at The University of Salford where he teaches literature and creative writing.

Aphra Behn

b. 1640 d. 1689

Aphra Behn was the first female writer to make her living through her art; she was a significant seventeenth‑century dramatist,The Rover being one of her best‑known plays.

Arthur Hugh Clough

b. 1819 d. 1861

Clough suffered from periods of religious doubt throughout his life.