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A E Housman

b. 1859 d. 1936

Alfred Edward Housman, the eldest son of a Bromsgrove solicitor, was born in 1859.

Adrian Henri

b. 1932 d. 2000

Adrian Henri (1932-2000) was a much-loved figure in the world of performance poetry, fine art and beyond.

Anthony Howell

b. 1945

Anthony Howell is a poet, novelist and performance artist, whose first collection of poems, Inside the Castle, was published in 1969. He has since published 17 volumes of poetry (among them translations and a Selected Poems).

Choman Hardi

b. 1974

Choman Hardi is the seventh and youngest child of Kurdish poet Ahmed Hardi. After several stages of forced displacement, she was granted refugee status in England in 1993.

David Harsent

b. 1942

David Harsent (b.

F. W. Harvey

b. 1888 d. 1957

Frederick William Harvey is remembered today as a poet and central figure in a circle, including Ivor Gurney and Herbert Howells, which emerged in Gloucester before the First World War.

Felicia Hemans

b. 1793 d. 1835

Felicia Hemans’s ‘Casabianca’ took on such a vibrant life of its own after her death that, somehow, its author became almost irrelevant.

George Herbert

b. 1593 d. 1633

George Herbert was born in Montgomery Castle, Shropshire, in 1593 and died at the age of forty. He was descended on his father's side from the earls of Pembroke and on his mother's from a family of Shropshire knights.

Gerard Manley Hopkins

b. 1844 d. 1889

Gerard Hopkins was born in 1844, went to Highgate School and won a scholarship to Balliol College Oxford where he took a double first in Classics.

Jane Hirshfield

b. 1953

Jane Hirshfield (b. 1953, USA) is the author of six books of poetry, several translations and two collections of essays. Her most recent volume After, on being published in both the US and UK, was nominated for the UK's T. S.

Jen Hadfield

b. 1978

In 2008, Jen Hadfield became the youngest person to win the TS Eliot Prize with her collection Nigh-No-Place.

Jeremy Hooker

b. 1941

Jeremy Hooker (b. 1941) grew up in Warsash near Southampton, and the landscape of this region has remained an important source of inspiration. Many of his poems were written in Wales, where he has lived for long periods of his life.

John Heath Stubbs

b. 1918 d. 2006

John Heath-Stubbs (1918 - 2006) recalled how the teacher at his tiny village school read her pupils Our Island Story, sparking in him the lifelong fascination with history that informed his poetic career.

John Hegley

b. 1953

The writer and performer John Hegley has been described as the Spike Milligan for our time, and as 'awesomely mundane' by The Independent .

Kris Hemensley

b. 1946

Kris Hemensley was born in 1946 on the Isle of Wight, in the UK. His father was English, his mother from the illustrious Tawa family of Alexandria.

Langston Hughes

b. 1902 d. 1967

Langston Hughes (1902-1967) was the first black writer in America to earn his living from writing. Born in Joplin, Missouri, he had a migratory childhood following his parents' separation, spending time in the American Mid-West and Mexico.

Lee Harwood

b. 1939 d. 2015

Lee Harwood was one of the leading poets of his generation. Born in Leicester in 1939, he grew up in Chertsey, Surrey.

Marilyn Hacker

b. 1942

Marilyn Hacker (b. 1942) is a poet whose work combines the political and the personal, the traditional and the radical, to startling effect.

Matthew Hollis

b. 1971

Matthew Hollis (b. 1971) has published two collections of his own poetry, and has contributed to several other poetic careers as an editor at Faber and Faber.

Michael Hamburger

b. 1924 d. 2007

Michael Hamburger (1924 - 2007) was born into a German family of Jewish descent in Berlin, emigrating with them to England in 1933.

Oli Hazzard

b. 1986

Oli Hazzard's first book, Between Two Windows, was published by Carcanet in 2012.

Richard Harrison

b. 1957

Canadian poet Richard Harrison is a shrewd writer who is as much concerned with the question of poetry and its composition as he is personal histories; his poems are discursive and self-referential, yet never subordinated to the cerebral in a way

Robert Hass

b. 1941

Robert Hass (b. 1941) is a native of California, specifically San Francisco, and the twin influences of the city's cultural life and the lush landscape around it are both evident in his work.

Robert Hull


Robert Hull has worked with poetry in schools for many years, and has published, amongst more than forty titles, five full-length collections of poetry.

Sam Hunt

b. 1946

Sam Hunt is a rare commodity in New Zealand: a ham actor playing to the gallery and willing to go out on a limb; he's also a highly-effective poet, wise about his craft, while being a national icon.