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The Conjuror

Patricia Beer

The Cool Web

Robert Graves

The Damned

Paul Batchelor

The Doll's House

Patience Agbabi

The Flea

John Donne

The Flying Spring Onion

Matthew Sweeney Children's Poems

The Frog Prince

Stevie Smith

The Good Loser

Sophie Hannah

The Good-morrow

John Donne

The Goose Fish

Howard Nemerov

The hare as witch animal

David Harsent

The Journey

Yvor Winters

The Lady of Shalott

Alfred Tennyson

The Lake Isle of Innisfree

William Butler Yeats

The Leaf's Lament

Andrew Fusek Peters Children's Poems

The Living End

Samuel Menashe

The Lost Woman

Patricia Beer

The Lovers of the Poor

Gwendolyn Brooks

The Loving Game

Vernon Scannell

The Mistress

John Wilmot Earl of Rochester

The Mock Turtle's Song

Lewis Carroll

The Mother

Gwendolyn Brooks