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The Caravan

Clare Pollard

The Damned

Paul Batchelor

The Digging

Christopher Middleton

The Disguise

Charles Boyle

The End of Our Marriage

Ross Sutherland

The Flea

John Donne

The Frog Prince

Stevie Smith

The Gardener

Andrew Motion

The Good-morrow

John Donne

The Goose Fish

Howard Nemerov

The Grandmother's Tale

Carol Rumens

The Kitchen Table

Clive Wilmer

The Lover

Don Paterson

The Loving Game

Vernon Scannell

The Mistress

John Wilmot Earl of Rochester

The Passionate Pupil Declaring Love

Andrew Fusek Peters Children's Poems

The Pattern

Michael Longley

The Prescription

Jacob Polley

The Rebirth of Venus

Mary Jo Salter

The Resolve

Lady Mary Wortley Montagu

The River at Wolf

Jean Valentine

The Safe Years

Todd Swift