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'His father was a baker...'

Michael Schmidt


Sinéad Morrissey

A Birthday

Christina Rossetti

A blade of grass

Brian Patten

A Christmas Song

Wendy Cope

A Life in Dreams

Jacob Sam-La Rose

A Man in the House

Mark McWatt

A Proposal

Chris McCabe

A Receipt to Cure the Vapours

Lady Mary Wortley Montagu

A Song of a Young Lady to her Ancient Lover

John Wilmot Earl of Rochester

A Subaltern's Love Song

John Betjeman

All That Life

Dawn Garisch

Angel with Lute

Stewart Conn

Behold love

Thomas Wyatt


James Berry

Beppo (extract)

Lord Byron


John Hegley

Bloomsbury Snapshot

Connie Bensley

Bottom's Dream

Clive Wilmer


Helen Farish


Basil Bunting

Bright Star

John Keats