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Gavin Ewart

Barley Lane

Hannah Lowe

Billy McBone

Allan Ahlberg

Black Girl Shuffle

Dorothea Smartt

Bruises Heal

Andrew Fusek Peters and Polly Peters

Colonial Girls School

Olive Senior

Don't smile please

D. J. Enright

Eighth Period

Peter Dale

Geography Lesson

Brian Patten

Isn't my name magical?

James Berry Children's Poems


Alan Brownjohn

On Edges

Adrienne Rich

Please Mrs Butler

Allan Ahlberg

Reading MND in Form 4B

Peter Porter


Allan Ahlberg

The Age of Innocence

Steve Ellis

The Minister for Exams

Brian Patten

The Passionate Pupil Declaring Love

Andrew Fusek Peters Children's Poems

The Shout

Simon Armitage

Timothy Winters

Charles Causley


Michael Rosen