Links to poetry resources for teaching and learning

There are so many poetry resources on the internet, it can be hard to know where to start!  We have listed some of the most useful websites where you can find out more and get in touch with relevant organisations.

Academy of American Poets
The Academy of American Poets website contains essays, interviews, biographies, poems and many other resources.

Apples & Snakes
Apples & Snakes is England's leading organiser of performance poetry. Education is at the core of its mission, and it runs a highly successful Poets in Education Scheme.

Archive of the Now
The Archive is home to over 100 poets producing work of exhilarating insight, scope and attack.

Arvon Foundation 
The Arvon Foundation provides tailor-made residential courses for school groups, with subsidies and even full funding in certain circumstances.

BBC Learning Zone Broadband Class Clips Primary Poetry
A variety of video clips of poetry being read, performed and animated, selected for Primary pupils

BBC Learning Zone Broadband Class Clips Secondary Poetry pre-1914
Video clips of readings, commentaries, musical settings and talks about a variety of pre-1914 poems.

BBC Learning Zone Broadband Class Clips Secondary Poetry World and Cultures
Video clips of readings, performances and dramatisations of poetry from wider cultures, and some poet interviews.

BBC Learning Zone Broadband Class Clips Secondary Poetry Late 20th century and Contemporary
Video clips of readings, commentaries, musical settings and talks about a variety of late 20th C and contempoarry poems.

BBC Poetry Season 
Vote here for the Nation's Favourite Poet, and enjoy a wealth of other resources, including video poetry guides presented by Ian McMillan, Caroline Bird and Dreadlock Alien.

British Council
The British Council Literature Department promotes innovative and contemporary work from the UK around the world. Their site features a wide range of publications and resources including an extensive database of contemporary writers.

British Library
The British Library is the national library of the United Kingdom. Their site contains news of events, exhibitions and details of collections including the British Library Sound Archive which holds many poetry recordings.

Black Cat Poems
A collection of verse by a wide variety of poets from around the world.

Discovering Poetry Project
The Discovering Poetry Project is a multimedia website aimed at helping children write poems about their own experiences.

Lannan Audio Archives
The Lannan Foundation offers access to over 300 hours of readings and conversation with poets and writers.

At you can hear recordings of poems, both in their original languages and in translation.

Northern Poetry Library
The Northern Poetry Library is kept at Morpeth Library and is the largest collection of contemporary poetry in England outside London. It currently contains around 15,000 books with new ones being added all the time.

Norton Anthology of English Literature Audio Archive
Recordings, often by poets themselves, of poems from the Middle Ages onwards

PennSound offers a large variety of digital recordings of poems - currently 1,500 and fast growing - mostly as song-length singles.

Poetry 180
Poetry 180 is an American project, designed to make it easy for students to hear or read a poem on each of the 180 days of the school year. The poems you will find here were selected by Billy Collins during his time as US Poet Laureate, with high school students in mind.

Poetry Book Society 
The Poetry Book Society has a special membership scheme for schools, providing information and discounts on newly published books, together with classroom resources.

Poetry by Heart
Poetry by Heart is brough to you by a partnership between The Poetry Archive and The Full English.  The website hosts an interactive timeline anthology with over 200 poems selected by poets Andrew Motion, Jean Sprackland and education specialist, Julie Blake.  Offers a lively blog plus classroom resources and links to CPD workshops.

PoetCasting is a poetry podcasting project which features published, performance, emerging and established poets reading their own work online and out loud.

Poetryclass is the Poetry Society's 'online poetry classroom'. The website includes teaching ideas, interviews with poets and information about training and support.

Poetry Foundation
The Poetry Foundation website offers an archive of more than 300 poets and 3,000 poems, as well as engaging literary journalism profiling poets, reviewing readings, reporting on poetry as it intersects with other art forms and with the culture at large. 

Poetry International
Poetry International is a worldwide forum for poetry on the internet.

Poetry Library
The Poetry Library is the major library for modern and contemporary poetry, housing the most comprehensive and accessible collection of poetry from 1912 in Britain.

Poetry Live
Poetry Live provides opportunities for GCSE pupils in England and Wales to see and hear live performances from a great selection of the poets they are studying.

Poetry School
The Poetry School provides structured, high quality teaching programmes for adults to develop their poetry from its beginnings through to advanced level.

Poetry Society 
The Poetry Society has an outstanding reputation for its exciting and innovative education work. For nearly thirty years it has been introducing poets into classrooms and providing training and resources for teachers.

Poetry Station
A freely accessible web-based video channel and portal for poetry.

Poetry Trust
The Poetry Trust is one of the UK's leading contemporary poetry organisations, and organises the annual Aldeburgh International Poetry Festival and a year-round programme of readings, workshops, outreach and prizes.

Poetry Zone
Poetry Zone is a lively website containing children's poems, articles and teaching resources.

Scottish Poetry Library
The Scottish Poetry Library is the place for poetry in Scotland, for the regular reader, the serious student and the casual browser.

Tower Poetry
Tower Poetry aims to stimulate enjoyment and critical appreciation of poetry, particularly among young people in education, and to encourage people to write their own poetry. The annual Christopher Tower Poetry Prize is open to students aged 16-18, and Tower Poetry also runs a Summer School at Christ Church College, Oxford.

Ty Newydd
Ty Newydd is the National Writers' Centre for Wales. Residential courses are held on all aspects of creative writing in both English and Welsh.

Woodberry Poetry Room
The Lamont Library houses the George Edward Woodberry Poetry Room Collection, which includes contemporary poetry and poetics from the entire English-speaking world, as well as poetic works in other languages translated into English.

Words In Air: Poetry In Place 
This unique app is a self-contained poetry anthology by contemporary and classic poets, with 76 poems linked to locations scattered across the United Kingdom.

Writing Room
The Writing Room is the Arvon Foundation's website specifically for under-18s.

Young Poets Network
Information on poetry opportunities for young people; weekly tips and links for young poets and aspiring artists.

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