Special Collection

Special Collections

Classic Collection

Sykes Cottages offer the finest handpicked cottage holidays across the UK and Ireland. They have teamed up with us to create this collection of some of the finest classic poets from across UK and Ireland.

The poets in this collection were inspired by, not only emotions and feelings like love and loss, but also by the nature and landscapes of the British and Irish countryside’s. From Housman’s description of the trees of Wenlock Edge to Keats’ depiction of Autumn.  We hope you’ll listen and enjoy these poems and use them as inspiration to get out and explore the countryside for yourself.

Visit the Sykes Cottage website to view their selection of cottages.

Writing Places

The recordings in this collection were all made as part of the Writing Places project. This project allowed us to work in partnership with Literature Works, who created the project, The National Trust.

Writing Places was designed to celebrate literature and its place in our history. As part of the literary and heritage project, the Archive made recordings to be used in former writers homes cared for by the National Trust in the South West. Including Max Gate and Coleridge Cottage, homes of Thomas Hardy, Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

To learn more about the full Writing Places programme visit the website here.

Children's Poetry Collection

This is a collection of contemporary poems for children written by a variety of poets we have had the pleasure to record over the years. We like to think of it as the A-Z of the Archive's children poetry because it starts with Allan Ahlberg's 'Please Mrs Butler', and finishes with Benjamin Zephaniah's 'Library Ology'.

The poems in the collection range from fun and silly to deep and meaningful and are suitable for a wide age range. 


This poetry collection, brings together a selection of classic poems intended to help you briefly escape day to day life. We've selected poems that conjure up images of the Great British countryside, rolling landscapes and calming seas, as well as poems that describe the beauty of relaxation and nature.

This collection is sponsored by our partners Darwin Escapes. Darwin Escapes offers 16 handpicked locations to choose from offering everything from short brekas to holiday homes to own. To find out more visit their website.

Mother's Day Poetry

Our Mother's Day Poetry Collection is different to others you may come across as it isn’t focused on poems specifically intended for your mother. What we have done is put together an ensemble of poems inspired by mothers.

Amongst these recordings there are poems featuring a wide range of sentiments for and about mothers. From the memory of things that have surrounded them, as in 'Handbag' by Ruth Fainlight, which reads "My mother's old leather handbag, / crowded with letters she carried / all through the war." To appreciation, as in 'Praise Song for my Mother' by Grace Nichols "You were / water to me / deep and bold and fathoming". The collection features many of the key themes and emotions that you may expect when thinking about your mother.

If you would like to show a special appreciation to your mother, why not dedicate one of these poems to her especially? Learn how to do that here. 


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