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Classroom Materials

Lesson plans and activities for all key stages, built around Poetry Archive recordings and offering lively, engaging ways of working with poetry at all Key Stages.

Key Stage 1 Materials

Granny Is - teaching ideas on Valerie Bloom, Michael Rosen and others.

Key Stage 3 Materials

I, Too - lessons on this famous poem and many more past and present.

Key Stage 5 Materials

Green Lane - lessons on Stephanie Norgate, Fergus Allen and others.

Key Stage 2 Materials

Please Mrs Butler! - ways into the world of children's poetry.

Key Stage 4 Materials

The Shout - lessons on Simon Armitage, Charles Causley, Jackie Kay and others.

Create a listening atmosphere

A few tips for teachers on creating a good listening atmosphere in your classroom.

Poetry moments

Ideas for 10-minute classroom activities to help your students get inside the poem they've just heard.

Invite a poet

Some of the poets in the Archive make visits to schools, to work with pupils and teachers. If you're a teacher interested in making this happen in your school, these notes will help you take the first steps.
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