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John Ashbery

b. 1927

For me, poetry is very much the time that it takes to unroll, the way music's not a static, contemplatable thing like a painting or a piece of sculpture. - John Ashbery

Just Walking Around

John Ashbery


What Is Poetry

John Ashbery


For John Clare

John Ashbery

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About John Ashbery

A native of Rochester, New York, John Ashbery (b. 1927) is the prolific author of twenty three volumes of poetry, plus fiction, plays and criticism. He is the recipient of numerous literary awards, including The Pulitzer Prize, National Book Award and the National Book Critics Circle Award, all of which were garnered by his 1976 collection Self Portrait in a Convex Mirror. This was the first and remains the only time that one book has been awarded all three of the major American literary prizes and demonstrates Ashbery's centrality to American poetics in the post-war period.

This leading role is all the more remarkable given the uncompromising experimentalism of Ashbery's work. A key concept is "indeterminacy"; a refusal of finality and closure and a rejection of traditional forms of linear narrative. The subject of an Ashbery poem is more likely to be the process of thought itself rather than the object of the mind's attention. An early poem, 'The Instruction Manual', is a good introduction as it traces the narrator's wandering consciousness from the text of the title through his kaleidoscopic vision of the Mexican city of Guadalajara, back to the reality of the manual which nevertheless has "made me dream". This circular movement is characteristic; it's the journey not the destination that's important, as in his tellingly entitled poem 'Just Walking Around': "the longest way is the most efficient way,/The one that looped among islands, and/You always seemed to be traveling in a circle." Not surprisingly, Ashbery favours the long poem and his restlessness is also evident in his use of language which mixes high and low culture to produce a poetry of disjunction and non-sequitur. Playful and rigorous, Ashbery's poems embrace plurality enacting the hope expressed in 'For John Clare': "There ought to be room for more things,for a spreading out, like."

As befits a poet alert to the instability of meaning and identity, Ashbery eschews explanations of his Archive-recorded poems. The text exists in its own right: Ashbery's precise, largely unmodulated tones are just the medium through which it is conveyed.

His recording was made for The Poetry Archive on 18 October 2002 at The Audio Workshop, London and was produced by Richard Carrington.

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1955 Yale Series of Younger Poets competition, winner (judged by W. H. Auden and resulting in publication of Some Trees, 1956)

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1955-56; 1956-57 Fulbright scholarships to France

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1982 Elected Fellow of the Academy of American Poets

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1984 National Book Critics Circle Award nomination, A Wave

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1996 Grand Prix de Biennales Internationales de Poésie, Brussels (first English language winner)

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2001 Lenore Marshall Prize finalist, Academy of American Poets, Your Name Here

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2001 Wallace Stevens Award, Academy of American Poets

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2002 Officier, Légion d'Honneur of the Republic of France

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John Ashbery Reading from his poems

1The Instruction Manual

2Some Trees

3For John Clare

4Farm Implements and Rutabagas in a Landscape

5What Is Poetry

6At North Farm

7The Songs We Know Best

8Landscape (After Baudelaire)

9Just Walking Around

10More Pleasant Adventures

11Hotel Lautreamont

12This Room

13If You Said You Would Come With Me

14A Linnet

15The Bobinski Brothers

16The History of My Life

17A Nice Presentation

18Disagreeable Glimpses

19Theme Park Days

20View of Delft

21The Lightning Conductor

22I Asked Mr. Dithers Whether It Was time Yet He Said No to Wait

23Chinese Whispers

24Local Legend

25Sir Gammer Vans

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