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Your Grandfather Would Have Wanted You to Have This

Julia Bird

Your Grandfather Would Have Wanted You to Have This

Julia Bird

Your Grandfather Would Have Wanted You to Have This

So raise a glass of the whisky that was sunk
that this bottled boat could draw a schoonerful
of model sea, to the man who modelled it :
who teased each wave from putty and oil paint
through the keyhole of the bottleneck, who spent
all winter in the dry-dock of the dining room
ship-building a spillikin keel with hair-pin ribs,
who flocked the bottle's concave glass
with flake-of-salt-sized gulls, whose fingers
were made delicate by the tweezers and the button-hooks
it took to tat the rigging, gather-stitch the sails.

No champagne smashed at this ship's launch
but in the cross-trees of its mizzen mast
see, aloft, the balsa wood ship's boy
with his minute jeroboam ? In that bottle,
your grandpa said, the smallest tot of sea.
On that sea, a fleet.

from Hannah and the Monk (Salt, 2008), © Julia Bird 2008, used by permission of the author and the publisher.


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