Lavinia Greenlaw

Image by Caroline Forbes



Those buried lidless eyes can see
the infra-red heat of my blood.

I feel the crack, the whisper
as vertebrae ripple and curve.

Days of absolute stillness.
I sleep early and well.

His rare violent hunger,
a passion for the impossible.

He will dislocate his jaw
to hold it.

My fingers trace the realignment
as things fall back into place.

Each season, a sloughed skin
intensifies the colours that fuse

with mineral delicacy at his throat.

Beautiful, simple,
he will come between us.

Last night you found his tooth
on your pillow.

From A World Where News Travelled Slowly, (Faber & Faber, 1997), copyright © Lavinia Greenlaw 1997, used by permission of the author and the publisher.

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