Poetry Man

Poetry Man

to the memory of Charles Causley (1917-2003)

Who comes here from Scapa Flow
    And the murdering sea
Stung into elegy, ballad, lyric,
    Chord and harmony?
It is the poetry man.

Who names children summoned home
    By the sound of curfew bells –
Zoe and Betty and Joey flying
    Down the Cornish hills?
It is the poetry man.

Who stands in assembly, drawing
    Songs from the junior choir
With his immaculate silent hands
    And their insistent fire?
It is the poetry man.

Whose voice speaks in the classroom
    As I repeat his lines,
His poems electricity
    Down the children’s spines?
It is the poetry man.

Who turned to the wall and left his town
    Empty of verse,
Poems scattered in his books
    Like gold from a purse?
It was the poetry man.

from <i>Here Comes the Poetry Man</i> (Salt, 2011), © Fred Sedgwick 2011, used by permission of the author

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