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The Passionate Pupil Declaring Love

The Passionate Pupil Declaring Love

Come meet with me and after school
Perhaps you'll see that I'm no fool
If only you would understand,
How I want to hold your hand

We could walk around the park
Until the day grows old and dark
And on the swings we'll learn to fly
Together we will touch the sky,

And I will make a daisy chain,
Create a crown from drops of rain
Weave a gown of greenest grass
And watch the hours quickly pass,

As we run home through all the streets
I shall give you all my sweets,
The singing of the traffic jam
Will tell you how in love I am

In class your laughter makes me cry
And I just want to ask you why
You think that I am such a fool
To dream of meeting after school

from Unidentifed Frying Omelette (Hodder, 2000), copyright © Andrew Fusek Peters 2000, used by permission of the author

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