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Sam and Esther had a hamster called Harry, and when I used to visit them they'd put him in one of those perspex balls which would career around the top of the house banging into walls, waking me up just as I was hoping to drop off to sleep...

Harry the Hamster

Harry the Hamster

Harry the hamster, in his ball,
rolled round the bedroom,
rolled round the hall.
He rolled to the bathroom,
he rolled to the stairs
where a huge teddy bear
took him clean unawares.

He rolled slap-bang into
the honey hall wall,
but that didn’t stop him
for he was so small
and a whole world awaited
Harry in his ball.

On Monday he rolled down the garden,
on Tuesday he rolled down the road,
on Thursday he rolled down a bike path
till he was stopped in his tracks
by a toad.

On Friday he rolled to New Brighton,
on Saturday to warm Singapore,
on Sunday he yawned, climbed back
in his cage, and all day
simply rolled in his straw.

from <i>Now You See Me, Now You …</i> (Rabbit Hole Publications, 2002, 2009), © Chrissie Gittins 2002, used by permission of the author


Chrissie Gittins

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