Adrian Mitchell

Image by Caroline Forbes

A Flying Song

Last night I saw the sword Excalibur
It flew above the cloudy palaces
And as it passed I clearly read the words
Which were engraven on its blade
And one side of the sword said Take Me
The other side said Cast Me Away

I met my lover in a field of thorns
We walked together in the April air
And when we lay down by the waterside
My lover whispered in my ear
The first thing that she said was Take Me
The last thing that she said was Cast Me Away

I saw a vision of my mother and father
They were sitting smiling under summer trees
They offered me the gift of life
I took this present very carefully
And one side of my life said Take Me
The other side said Cast Me Away

from Blue Coffee - Poems 1985 -1996 (Bloodaxe, 1996), copyright © Adrian Mitchell 1996, used by permission of the author


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