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Dusk, Burnham-Overy-Staithe

Kevin Crossley-Holland

Dusk, Burnham-Overy-Staithe

Kevin Crossley-Holland

Poem introduction

Burnham-Overy-Staithe is a little coastal village in North Norfolk - my grandparents lived there and I returned to live in another of the Burnhams.

Dusk, Burnham-Overy-Staithe

Dusk, Burnham-Overy-Staithe

The blue hour ends, this world
floats on a great stillness.

I only guess where marsh
finishes and sky begins,

each grows out of the other.
In the creek a slip

of water gleams. Rowboats
bob and swing above the mud,

the barnacled and broken
ribs of Old Stoker's boat.

A wedge of gulls rustles
overhead, and for a moment

the water notices them.
Such calm is some prelude.

Then across the marsh it comes,
the sound as of an endless

train in a distant cutting,
the god working his way back,

butting and shunting,
reclaiming his territory.

This world's his soundbox now;
in the stillness he still moves.

Anything could happen.

from Selected Poems (Enitharmon Press, 2001), copyright © Kevin Crossley-Holland 2001, used by permission of the author and the publisher.


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