Philip Gross Children's Poems

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Daughter of the Sea

Daughter of the Sea

bog seeper
moss creeper
growing restless
getting steeper

trickle husher
swish and rusher
stone leaper
splash and gusher

foam flicker
mirror slicker
pebble pusher
boulder kicker

still pool
don't be fooled
shadow tricker
keeping cool

leap lunger
crash plunger
free fall
with thunder under

idle winder
youth behind her
little wonder
daily grinder

garbage binner
dump it in her
never mind her
dog's dinner

plastic bagger
old lagger
oil skinner
wharf nagger

cargo porter
weary water
tide dragger
long-lost daughter

of the se
the sea the sea
has caught her
up in its arms and set her free

from <i>The All-Nite Cafe</i> (Faber, 1993), © Philip Gross 1993, used by permission of the author


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