Poem introduction

(A cinquain)


Is a red bull
Charging through the mind’s fields,
Inciting actions you may soon

from The Poetry Chest (Oxford University Press, 2007), © John Foster 2007, used by permission of the author


1I Wrote a Poem, Sitting Under a Tree

2The Land of the Flibbertigibbets 3On the Clip Clop Clap

4Let's Give a Cheer For Onomatopoeia

5Bird Talk

6Mrs Nugent's Budgie

7Animal Apologies

8The Hour When the Witches Fly

9The Shadow Man

10The Smugglers

11The Mermaid and the Fisherman


13The Schoolkids' Rap


15Inside Sir's Matchbox

16Spelling Bee

17Children's Prayer

18And How Was School Today?

19Four O'Clock Friday 20Autumn News Bulletin 21November 22Sitting in the Doorway 23The Brown Bear 24Chinese New Year 25It's Spring

26Seaview Haiku

27Silver Aeroplane

28Ten Dancing Dinosaurs

29At the School for Young Dragons

30The Wizard's Dragon

31Love Letter - From the Wizard to the Witch

32Sean Short's Short Shorts

33Chinese Please 34Quite Right, Mrs Wright 35Sandra Slater 36Charlotte Cul-de-Sac

37Edmund Clerihew Bentley

38Neil Armstrong

39Count Dracula 40Electric Fred

41Grandpa's False Teeth

42 I Used to Work

43Traveller's Tales

44A Cheeky Boy Called Robert Rung

45The Recycling Rap

46Where Is the Forest?

47It Isn't Right to Fight

48Paying His Respects


50It Hurts

51The Vase

52Great-Gran Just Sits

53There are Four Chairs Round the Table 54This Morning My Dad Shouted

55Dad's Hiding in the Shed

56Football Story

57Please, Mr Black

58The World's Best

59The Night Before the Match

60Why Did You Pull Her Hair?

61Sarah, My Sister, Has Asthma

62Life's a Spelling Test 63Why is it? 64Spells

65Inside a Shell

66I Dream of a Time

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