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Louise Joy, Lecturer in English

A tour of the Archive

with Louise Joy, Lecturer in English

Since I spend much of my time rooting around in the eighteenth century, this is where I headed first. Hearing poems from long ago brought to life by poets from our own age is peculiarly fascinating....
Chris Pearson, teacher

A tour of the Archive

with Chris Pearson, teacher

When choosing poems for my tour, I had just one criterion in mind: that each poem must allow me to comment on the quality of the spoken word (after all, that is what makes the Archive such a...
Danielle McShine, poet

A tour of the Archive

with Danielle McShine, poet

The Poetry Archive is an invaluable resource for hearing some of my favourite poems, read by their authors, and for discovering new voices. I often wander through the Archive, stopping at a poem or...

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A tour of the Archive with Mark Grist

Over the years I’ve become increasingly interested in the lyrical nature of poetry. I find that the more I’ve taken...

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Sonnets From The...

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

read by Jo Shapcott

Sonnet 73

William Shakespeare

read by Jo Shapcott