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Mervyn Morris
Galway Kinnell
Mervyn Morris
John Moat
Jane Hirshfield
Andrew Fusek Peters and Polly Peters
Mervyn Morris
Jackie Kay
Jean Sprackland
Adam O'Riordan
Vicki Feaver
Dan Burt
M. K. Joseph
Tanya Shirley
Robert Hass
Tanya Shirley
Marilyn Hacker
Heather McHugh
Gavin Ewart
Fergus Allen
Ruth Padel
Selima Hill
William Carlos Williams
William Carlos Williams
Galway Kinnell
Alison Croggon
Yvor Winters
Sarah Maguire
John Moat
Stanley Kunitz
Annie Freud
Kathryn Simmonds
Fleur Adcock
John Donne
Clare Pollard
Sujata Bhatt
John Donne
T. S. Eliot
William Carlos Williams
David Wagoner
Felix Dennis
Robin Robertson

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I may be a closet listophile. Just as I have always been fascinated by the way that unlikely groupings of authors...

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