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Stephanie Norgate
John Fuller
John Hegley
Arvind Krishna Mehrotra
Colette Bryce
Peter Didsbury
Jane Duran
Elaine Feinstein
Andrew Fusek Peters - Children's Poems
Robin Robertson
Charles Causley
Theodore Roethke
Philip Gross
Edmund Blunden
Paul Muldoon
Jackie Kay
Judith Nicholls
George Mackay Brown
Li-Young Lee
Brendan Kennelly
Ted Kooser
Matthew Sweeney
Margaret Atwood
Mervyn Morris
Esther Phillips
Choman Hardi
Deryn Rees-Jones
Theodore Roethke
Galway Kinnell
Mandy Coe
Jacob Polley
Jane Duran
Julia Copus
Mervyn Morris
Michael Donaghy
Anthony Lawrence
Les Murray
Todd Swift
John Whitworth
Jackie Kay
Andrew Motion
Don Paterson
Gwyneth Lewis
Dan Burt
Lewis Carroll

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Poetry happens at a sort of junction in the mind when new combinations start up, words and pictures start connecting...

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