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The Poetry Archive is full of poems. Poems from all around the English-speaking world, read by a huge range of wonderful poets. And we’re adding more every month.

But, in fact, there are lots MORE poems in the Archive than you may think. Each of the selections on a poet’s page is just the tip of an entire iceberg of poems, hidden just below the surface and all available for you to enjoy too.

Most poets’ Poetry Archive recording lasts for around an hour, and you can hear a selection from each reading, completely free of charge, in the Archive.  We used to publish CDs of each poet’s full reading and you can still buy these via the Poetry Bookshop online. Thanks to a new agreement with poets, the other poems are available as digital downloads, which you can buy one by one or as whole ‘albums’.

In time we’ll be offering special collections of poems – on themes that bind them together or as groups of poems which you may especially enjoy. And, to add to your enjoyment, our new download store also includes a few special extra recordings of great poems from the past, generously made for the Archive by great actors including Judi Dench and Simon Russell Beale.

Wherever you see this symbol - 

you can add a recording of a poem to your shopping basket. If it’s a poem that isn’t included in full in the Archive, you’ll be able to listen to an extract from it before you confirm that you’d like to buy it. (It’s easy to remove items from your basket if you change your mind.)

Each sale benefits the poets whose work you’re buying and also helps the Archive to make more recordings with today’s key English-language poets. So please delve deeper into the site and find all the treasures that are waiting for you.

Many visitors are already getting the poetry download habit. Do join them and enjoy ALL the poems the Poetry Archive has to offer.

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In the pipeline...

We are always making new recordings of poets reading their own work. We hope soon to offer downloads of recordings by the following poets:

  • Moniza Alvi
  • Isobel Dixon
  • Rebecca Goss
  • David Wheatley
  • Lee Harwood
  • Lemn Sissay
  • Kelwyn Sole