These recordings come from a special recording for the poetry archive
  • "Silly Verse for Kids" Silly Verse for Kids, Puffin Books, 1989
  • "Hidden Words" Hidden Words: Collected Poems (for adults), Penguin Books, 1997
  • "Spike's Poems" Spike's Poems, BBC Books, 2002
  • "Spike's Poems: Knees, Fleas, Hidden Elephants and Other Poems" Spike's Poems: Knees, Fleas, Hidden Elephants and Other Poems BBC Audiobooks Ltd, 2002
  • "Magical World of Milligan" The Magical World of Milligan Virgin Books, 2009. A new children's compendium, which gathers together a grand selection of Milligan favourites in full colour and complete with Spike's drawings and sketches. Online discount available.
A Poetry Archive recording by: Spike Milligan These poems are taken from a recording made specially for the Poetry Archive. Press PLAY to hear the poem.