Chrissie Gittins’ poetry for children is rich and varied in both form and subject; her three collections are bursting with everything from limericks to list poems, shape-poems to songs, and manage to be silly, scary, funny, sad and exciting all at the same time, often within the same poem.

The poems play with language, exploring the way we speak and shout, sing and write, and how the world all around is translated through words. She invokes the magic of new and unknown words by repeating them or listing them to a rhythm; ‘main mast, mizzen mast, fore mast, shot lockers, bowsprit, gripe’.

Chrissie Gittins was born in Lancashire and lives in London.

Chrissie Gittins

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  • 2010 Poetry Book Society Choice

  • 2009 Arts Council Writers' Award

  • 2007 CLPE Award (shortlisted)

  • 2007 Authors Foundation Award

  • 2006 Poetry Book Society Choice

  • 2005 Arts Council Writers Award

  • 2003 CLPE Award (shortlisted)

  • 2002 Belmont Poetry Prize (for individual children's poems)

  • 2002 Royal Literary Fund Award

  • 2001 Society of Authors Award